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Cost Estimations, Evaluations and Solutions

With our combined years of building experience, we are able to provide you with realistic cost estimations for your project as well as develop accurate budgets and cash flow forecasts. We provide you with informed financial scenarios that allow you to make the right decisions.

Schedule Development and Schedule Monitoring

We are experienced in the development, analysis, updating and monitoring of project schedules. We are able to inform you on the progression of the project and advise you on all possible influences that may affect the schedule. With Wild & McDonald you are on time, every time!

On-Site Project Management

We understand that on-site and day-to-day supervision is needed to ensure that projects are delivered to the right standard, on time and on budget. Our experienced project managers understand this and are there to provide constant supervision for the duration of the contract.
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Inspection and Quality Assurance

“Any job worth doing is worth doing well” – and nowhere is this truer than in the construction industry. We do not believe in taking shortcuts and ensure that building standards are rigorously maintained and formally signed off on as required.

Highly Qualified Team

This leading project management company is headed up by a dynamic duo, Kevin Wild and Allan McDonald, whose professionalism, knowledge and expertise ensure the success of their projects. Through applying a combination of technical know-how and experience to a project, Wild & McDonald can guarantee that their customers will save time and money with their strategic solutions in order to ensure that all project objectives are met.
Kevin Wild

Kevin Wild

Co-Founder, Director

Kevin has a committed passion for the construction industry that is unrivaled. His military background ensures honesty, integrity, and discipline is maintained in every project and his university experience provides him with the necessary academic know-how, providing a balanced formula for success.
Allan McDonald

Allan McDonald

Co-Founder, Director

With a law degree and over thirty years of experience in banking, commerce and industry, Allan makes sure that the quality of administration on a project matches the quality of work on site. He knows the importance of attention to detail in order to get things done “right first time” and this discipline results in project budgets, timelines, reports and other key objectives being met to the client’s satisfaction.

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